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LIMAH: Linking Media in Acceptable Hypergraphs

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  • Work on the project
    • Pre-study: April, 2016 - research report summarizing the pre-study and its results (CRPCC + IRISA)

    • News Corpus: February, 2016 - the corpus has been filtered and preprocessed (5,500 web pages, 233 (transcribed) radio shows, 45 (transcribed) TV shows, more than 15,000 tweets, a few thousands of Facebook pages...)
    • News Corpus: June, 2015 - the corpus has been collected (hundreds of gygabites of video, audio, web documents and social networks content related to the news domains)

    • DEFT challenge about Sentiment Analysis at TALN conference: June 21, 2015 - IRISA's system in the top-3 for all tasks (with no statistically significant difference with the 2 others)

    • Typology of links: TALN conference June 21-25, 2015 - the typology of links between documents is completed and presented (IRISA+LINA)

    • Pre-study: March and April, 2015 - individual interviews (journalists, press agents and community managers) have been done by the CRPCC

  • Dissemination (see also Publications)
    • CominLabs days: November 28-30, 2016 - poster of the LIMAH project
    • Computational journalism: March 15, 2016 - presentation of a poster concerning the LIMAH pre-study and its results to this workshop was co-organized by Linkmedia and sponsored by the LIMAH project (50 national participants, professionals and academics)
    • Ouest Médialab interview: February 24, 2016 - interview of IRISA by Julien Kostrèche (9:30 am - 10:00 am) to present the LIMAH project. Read the interview here
    • Oral presentation: June 24, 2015 - IODE (A. Blandin): La synthèse entre droit et technique dans les projets collaboratifs pluridisciplinaires, Journée CominLabs, SHS et numérique
    • MMM 2016 conference: January 4-6, 2016: presentation of the CRPCC+IRISA's paper about the pre-study at the Multimedia Modeling (leading int. conf. for researchers and industry practitioners) + presentation of the poster of the LIMAH project
    • Salon de l'innovation-TALN conference 2015: June 25, 2015 - presentation of the poster of the LIMAH project (salon to present public and private research projects)
    • CominLabs days: March 23-24, 2015 - poster of the LIMAH project

  • Links with industry
    • Work in LIMAH on video hyperlinking and on user expectations gave birth to various discussions with local media (Ouest France, Ouest Media Lab), with whom we are initiating collaboration. Student internships are currently under discussions with Ouest-France, with a further perspective of Cifre theses.

    • Considered reengineering and tranfer of techniques developed within the IRISA's participation at DEFT 2015 about Sentiment analysis (see Publications) to AVISTO and WildMoka in the framework of the FUI project NexGenTV.

  • Impact on European projects perspectives
    • Experience in LIMAH significantly nurtures discussions on data analytics in BDVA and in the PPP Big Data, where a white paper on data analytics is to appear: For instance, the LIMAH definition of analytics was retained in the BDVA white paper and user-in-the-loop analytics, as considered in LIMAH, was given a while section.

  • Visits of foreign researchers or students
    • Cassio Elias dos Santos Jr., UFMG, Brazil : speaker identification and speaker naming in broadcast videos; 3 months, January 15 - April 4, 2015.

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