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LIMAH: Linking Media in Acceptable Hypergraphs

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Available multimedia content is rapidly increasing in scale and diversity, yet today, multimedia data remain mostly unconnected, i.e., with no explicit links between related fragments. The project Linking Media in Acceptable Hypergraphs (LIMAH) aims at exploring hypergraph structures for multimedia collections, instantiating actual links between fragments of multimedia documents, where links reflect particular content-based proximity—similar content, thematic proximity, opinion expressed, answer to a question, etc. Exploiting and developing further techniques targeting pairwise comparison of multimedia contents, LIMAH addresses two key issues of content-based graph-oriented multimedia collection structuring: How to automatically build from a collection of documents an hypergraph, i.e., graph combining edges of different natures, which provides exploitable links in selected use cases? How collections with explicit links modify usage of multimedia data in all aspects, from a technology point of view as well as from a user point of view? LIMAH will study hypergraph authoring and acceptability in two distinct complementary use-cases, namely, navigation in news data and learning with online courses.

To address these questions, LIMAH relies on a pluridiscipliary consortium, mixing ICT (CNRS/IRISA and Univ. Nantes/LINA), law (Telecom Bretagne/IODE), information and communication science (Univ. Rennes 2/PREFICs) and cognitive and ergonomy psychology (Univ. Rennes 2/CRPCC) to apprehend linked media contents globally and develop a long term vision of the domain in addition to scientific and technological contributions.


To learn more about the project, please contact one of the program coordinator, i.e., Guillaume Gravier (guillaume \dot gravier \at irisa \dot fr) or Pascale Sébillot (pascale \dot sebillot \at irisa \dot fr).

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